About Me


Welcome to Thoughts of a Mommy. Liz Cerezo is a resident of Orange County. She has been a devoted blogger for more than 8 years, sharing a variety of stories from her life as a Latina. Liz, her husband of 14 years and their three “Mexipinitos” (yup, they’re Mexican and Filipino) have enjoyed their move from the San Gabriel Valley to the OC.

Growing up Latina has been central to the inspiration of her blog posts. Spanglish, (a cross between Spanish and English), is her preferred style of writing. Through sincerity and sometimes humor, Liz captures the true essence of being Latina. If not at the market, scout meetings or shuttling the kids around the OC, she can be found behind her beloved laptop blogging away on her blogs. We invite you come and see what motherhood is all about, from a Latina’s point of view.

Stay a while, get connected, and if your kids aren’t dismantling the house (like mine are, ay niños!), leave a comment introducing yourself.  Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe.