End of Summer

Well, the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Jeremiah will start school in 5 days and Jonah and Sarai will begin their “school” the following week. Here comes the homework, the school projects and all the drama that comes with new subjects in class.

I now have to iron 6 pairs of uniforms, and wake up Jeremiah at 6:30. sit with him to do homework, while I try to cook dinner and mind the little ones at the same time. *Sigh* life is gonna change a little bit, but it’s ok. I like this change. It was a good summer. Jeremiah did a lot. Jonah and Sarai experienced an ok summer. Fall, here we come! I can’t wait…..

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Best Friends

What can I say about these two. They are a joy to be around. Jeremiah has been gone for a week now and they couldn’t care less. Of course, it’s Jonah who misses him a little. But when these two little ones are together, oh Lord, have mercy!. They play like best friends and fight […]

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