Fruits on a tree

I went to do the laundry at my moms house on Thursday. I still wasn’t feeling well enough to go to the laundry mat, so off to moms house I went. What would normally take me 2 hours to do, took me all day long. We took Norman to work(since it’s on the way anyways) and picked him up later.

My sister’s house has a beautiful back yard. I envy it. Too bad she is to busy to take of it. It has these wonderful fruit trees. It’s so green in there. It’s surrounded by theses tall trees all around the yard. It makes my soul feel at peace there.

There is a Mango tree. I still haven’t eaten a mango from it , yet! It’s not in season, but wow, Look! Isn’t it beautiful. I bet they must taste delicious. Ha, Ha. My mouth just watered!

There is also a pomelo tree. Persimmon, and even pomegranates.

There’s also lemons and limes. And this fruit that I think there called Komkuats.

It’s a wish that I too, would have a yard of my own. With lots of fruit trees for me to tend. and eat with my family. It’ll be nice.

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